The most rigorous decarbonisation
protocol on the planet.

Carbon-negative certification

Neg10 is the most rigorous certification protocol for carbon reduction.

Accreditation shows the world that you are leading in decarbonisation.

We reduce your emissions to negative 10% CO2e with a methodology that puts the planet first.

The market is shifting

Smart companies know that carbon neutral isn’t enough.

To stay competitive, attract investment and remain resilient, the new standard is carbon -negative.

Greenwashers need not apply

Many brands put more effort into marketing themselves as eco-friendly than actually reducing their impact. But deception comes at a cost: companies caught greenwashing are rapidly losing business.

Meanwhile those taking real action are growing in strength as they win the trust of consumers and stakeholders in this rapidly changing landscape.

The neg10 logo reassures everyone you do business with that you’re for real when it comes to decarbonisation.


Animation Studio Grizzle achieved net negative 35% CO₂e through aggressive, up-front decarbonisation and offsetting with Nature-based Solutions (NbS) as well as Direct Air Capture (DAC).


Animation Studio Grizzle achieved negative 35% CO2e through aggressive up front decarbonisation and offsetting with Nature Based Solutions (NbS) as well as Direct Air Capture (DAC).

NEG 35
Unparalleled carbon standards

Neg10 doesn’t settle for balancing the books with weak offsets.

Our programme interrogates every aspect of your business model to find where the emissions are really hiding. We set targets for transformation based on front-end reductions and genuine, real-time offsets.

…And then we hold you to your promises.

Neg10 companies cut ties with both clients and suppliers whose practices don’t measure up to our rigorous standards.