Grizzle is a London-based animation studio.
Until recently, they operated at the periphery of sustainability.
Could be worse.
Could be so. Much. Better.

We tracked their footprint throughout every aspect of their work and mapped out the clearest route to negative emissions.

By becoming a neg10 company they transformed their impact on the planet:

Offset ALL legacy emissions

Changed bank

Pledged no flying

Improved office insulation

Switched to PPA-backed renewable energy contract

Invested in 14t (25%) Direct Air Capture offsets

Invested in 66t (110%) nature-based offsets

Invested directly in UK wind farm

Grizzle's neg10 Report

Download grizzle's full sustainability report here

Grizzle fully decarbonised their studio, taking their business net negative by 35% CO2e including all legacy emissions accrued since the studio was founded in 2014.

They’re now leading the way in decarbonisation for their industry. And they’re proud to tell their clients that their offering is net negative. 

A carbon footprint analysis identified the worst carbon offenders and Grizzle set about making immediate cuts.

New computer = 12,500 miles

Over 70% of Grizzle's carbon consumption came from the embodied energy of new computer equipment.

High-end animation demands suitably powerful computers, and unfortunately this comes with a high-carbon price tag. The energy requireded to mine rare earth metals used in the manufacture of CPUs, Graphics Cards and circuit boards is vast. The manufacture of semiconductors and nano materials also requires high energy input. A new workstation can have a footprint of around 3.5 tonnes CO2e - the same as a return flight from London to Sydney (or driving 12,500 miles in a family estate car.)

This was an awakening to the owners.

"The biggest eye opener for us was finding out over 70% of our carbon footprint came from embodied energy of computer equipment we purchase. We had no idea."

Proper PPA backed green energy

Outside of heavy-duty computer purchases, Grizzle’s biggest carbon-hog was electricity to power and heat their main office. They had previously been customers of an energy provider sustainable in name only. Neg10 advised switching to a provider that backs energy with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) alongside Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origins (REGOs).

Find out more about REGOs and how they have been exploited by energy providers to assume false green credentials